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How Carzonrent Enhanced the Corporate Travel Experience for Employees of a Leading MNC

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Client Overview

A global leader in software development and a top-tier multinational corporation is one of Carzonrent’s most valued clients. With a large number of employees requiring frequent transportation solutions, this MNC* partners with Carzonrent for premium mobility solutions. Known for its innovative products and services, the corporation has a significant global presence, necessitating high standards in all operational aspects.  They want to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity during business travel and it’s their key priority. Carzonrent’s comprehensive services play a crucial role in meeting these demands, offering customized solutions to cater to the corporation’s diverse and dynamic needs. 

Problem Statement

The primary problem that our client was facing with their then mobility service provider was complicated interface, lack of proper induction & training and complex registration process. Back then, the booking confirmation rate for first-time users was noticeably low, despite the significant employee traffic on the platform. All these drawbacks led to user drop-off, frustration, and ultimately, a decline in recurrent user bookings. Many regular users found the process cumbersome and time-consuming, as they had to navigate through several steps for  setting up their payment method. 

Strategies and Solutions Offered

To tackle this obstacle, Carzonrent introduced a streamlined solution that markedly improved the user experience for regular users:

1. Simplified Registration Process: Our registration process was more user-friendly and simplified thus, requiring fewer steps and providing clearer instructions. 

2. Streamlined E-Mandate Requirement: The mandatory e-mandate registration step was streamlined. First-time users could now register and book their rides without setting up the e-mandate upfront.

3. Enhanced Customer Support: We provided real-time customer support with the booking process, offering assistance and guidance to users facing any difficulties.

4. Personalized Onboarding Experience: Users were provided with personalized onboarding materials and tutorials to familiarize themselves with the platform and its features. In addition, users were also provided with special Carzonrent training and induction sessions providing them a smooth onboarding experience. 

5. Seamless Payment Options: Multiple payment options were made available, catering to the diverse preferences of users and ensuring a hassle-free payment experience.

By implementing these measures, Carzonrent aimed to streamline corporate travel services for all the users, fostering a positive initial experience and encouraging continued engagement with the platform.

Results & Impacts

The implemented changes yielded immediate and positive outcomes:

  1. Surge in Recurring Booking Count: Streamlining the booking process resulted in a notable upsurge in booking counts among the users from the Organization, reflecting the effectiveness of the revised approach.
  2. Elevated User Experience: With the removal of the initial e-mandate barrier, Carzonrent facilitated a smoother and more user-friendly experience, eliciting heightened satisfaction levels among employees engaging with the platform.
  3. Improved Employee Satisfaction: The easy accessibility of the platform resulted in greater employee satisfaction thereby increasing the booking confirmation of the first time users & of regular users, consequently fostering a more positive work environment and enhancing overall productivity within workforce.
  4. Improved Retention on the Platform: The enhanced user experience and streamlined processes not only attracted new users but also contributed to improved retention rates on the platform, as existing users found greater convenience and satisfaction in utilizing Carzonrent’s services for their corporate travel needs.


For companies like the above MNC*, Carzonrent’s ability to quickly adapt and address user pain points demonstrates our commitment to providing exceptional service. By prioritizing user convenience and streamlining processes, Carzonrent ensures a superior transportation experience for all clients. This case study highlights why businesses should choose Carzonrent for their corporate transportation needs—because we listen, adapt, and deliver results that enhance the overall user experience.

*The name of the MNC is not mentioned due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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