Car Rental from Delhi to Patiala

About Delhi:

Delhi is a glorious city, that has enormous to offer and plenty of places to travel to. It's a home away from home that is as inspiring as endlessly fascinating. Like Rome, Delhi is an eternal city. Not only is it the capital of modern India, it has been the capital of at least seven previous civilizations, and each have left behind a trail of monuments. It's a city, criss crossed by wide, leafy boulevards; tagged as the country's cultural heart and political centre. Plus, Delhi is known as a gastronome's pleasure garden and a shopper's paradise. In other words, there are lots of things to do in Delhi, and many reasons to love the city.


Carzonrent offers an affordable car rental service. We offer a huge fleet of cars/ SUVs to choose from. You may choose one based on your requirement, budget and choice. Our cars are well serviced and offer a smooth drive. We have a team of professional drivers who make sure that you have a comfortable journey and enjoy your trip to the fullest. They are not just experts in driving but also possess a thorough knowledge of the various routes that connect the two cities as well as different directions within the city.

About Patiala:

The distance between Delhi and Patiala is around 225 km and it takes about 4 hours to cover the same by road. While you may opt for a bus to travel back and forth, hiring a car from Carzonrent is a much more convenient option. We offer comfort and convenience at an affordable rate. Our cars are accompanied by skilled drivers who ensure that you enjoy a smooth drive and reach the place at the earliest. Besides being skilled in driving, our drivers are well versed with the various routes that link the two cities and thus you can be sure of reduced travel time.
Commuting within the city also becomes much easier when you opt for our car rental service. You no longer have to waste time looking for local transport. The overall trip, whether personal or official, becomes much more managed.
Recently, we have also introduced our self drive service, Myles. This service allows you to take charge of the trip, eliminating any kind of dependency on the driver. This is especially suited for those who are vary of taking along a driver and love driving on their own. This service is also gaining popularity because it is comparatively reasonable too.
The booking procedure for both the services is almost the same. You may either call up on our number or log on to our website to further the same.
One of the largest cities in the state of Punjab, Patiala, is steeped in history and tradition. Built around the Qila Mubarak or Fortunate Castle, the city has a rich cultural heritage. The city has lent its name to a variety of products, styles or traditions that have originated here. For instance, the Patiala Peg, Jutti and Patiala Salwar have made the city famous across the country.
The ancient city of Patiala was fortified by Maharaja Narendra Singh, who built ten gates around the city. One of the most famous landmarks of the city would have to be the stunning palace of Qila Mubarak Complex. The complex is a confluence of Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles with traces of British elements. The Palace of Mirrors or Sheesh Mahal is definitely worth a visit. A visit to the Baradari Gardens is perfect to admire the colonial styled buildings and rare collection of flowers. The city has also hosted local and national level sporting events. Patiala is also well known for its Hindustani classical music and distinct architectural style.