Car Rental from Bangalore to Nandi Hills

About Bangalore:

A visit to the essential land of Bangalore is a must visit. The Silicon Valley of India has made headlines for centuries and a visit here is a walk through the heritage and progression of one of India's most illustrious cities. What follows is a list of the top places to visit in Bangalore to get a glimpse at the best of the city. From the historical to the modern, these are the most popular tourist places that you must visit on a trip to Bangalore. Due to the rigours of a heavy work schedule in this busy city, the chance to take some time out of the hustle and bustle is always a treat. The headquarters of India's second largest IT Company, this site resembles a separate city from the surrounding Bengaluru. This is one of the more modern places to visit in Bangalore that sprung up and coloured the landscape into the 21st century. Let one of the finest drivers assist you to the various lanes of Bangalore and you will completely enjoy sitting at the back and being taken to the wonderful city.

Carzonrent offers an affordable car rental service. We offer a huge fleet of cars/ SUVs to choose from. You may choose one based on your requirement, budget and choice. Our cars are well serviced and offer a smooth drive. We have a team of professional drivers who make sure that you have a comfortable journey and enjoy your trip to the fullest. They are not just experts in driving but also possess a thorough knowledge of the various routes that connect the two cities as well as different directions within the city.

So you just have to plan your day and inform the same to our driver. He will take you to all the mentioned spots in the shortest possible duration. You wouldn't have to bear the tantrums of the local auto and cab drivers. Well known for its city life and infrastructure, Bangalore is certainly a place to roam around freely, without any hassle! Hiring a car from Carzonrent shall add to your experience and make your trip to the city even more memorable.

About Nandi Hills:

Situated in the southern state of Karnataka, the Nandi Hills are steeped in ancient history and local folklore. It is believed, the hills could have got their name from Yoga Nandeeshwara or because they resemble Nandi, the sleeping bull. The thick forests combined with ancient monuments make Nandi Hills an often visited tourist destination.

The Tipu’s Fort and Summer Place is the most prominent landmark of Nandi Hills. Tipu’s drop is a grim reminder of the point from which the erstwhile Sultan punished his prisoners with the death penalty. The Horse Way and Secret Route are interesting routes to follow. The hills are dotted by a number of ancient temples. The Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy Temple has a stunning collection of natural boulders. Take a quiet moment to spend in the children’s playground. Brahmashram is an ancient cave that was used for meditation by sages and munis in the past. Those who prefer adventure sports could try paragliding or mountain biking. Nehru Nilaya and Gandhi house host members of the horticultural department and important dignitaries.

Hire a rental car in Nandi Hills to ensure you make the most of this fascinating location. What’s more, Bengaluru is situated at a convenient distance from Nandi Hills making rental cars all the more convenient.