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Do I need to have an account to book cabs?
No, you need to have an account to create a booking. You can give us your contact details and make a booking as a guest.

Why should I make an account with Carzonrent?
You should create an account to avail following benefits:
» Print trip invoices online
» Cancel bookings online
» See details of upcoming and past trips
» Save contact details so that you don't have to retype every time you book
» Same account details for Easycabs - our radio taxi service


When do I get the booking confirmation and the cab details?
The booking is confirmed instantly. The cab details are sent subsequently 2 hours prior to travel time.

Is the cab confirmed if I select the "pay to cash collection agent" option?
No. The car is blocked for you. In case you fail to pay the amount to our cash collection agent at the time suggested by you, the cab will be cancelled and a cancellation email and SMS will be sent to you.


What is the advance amount in pay-per-use option?
The amount is calculated based on the duration of use and the approximate round trip distance as per the Google API. This amount is not the final charge as it does not include additional local kilometers that a guest would travel.

What is included in the fixed daily cost?
The fixed cost includes car and chauffeur charges. There are no additional hidden charges. The inter state taxes are also included in the pricing. Please note that toll and parking shall be paid by the guest at the time of travel and is not included in the invoice.

What is the difference between toll tax and interstate tax?
Toll tax is paid at highways for building and maintenance by any vehicle using that road for transit. Interstate tax or permit is levied on commercial vehicles when they enter a new state.


What are the online payment options?
We accept all types of credit cards - Visa, Mastercard and Amex. We also accept all debit cards and have net banking options.

When is the "Pay to chauffeur" option available?
This option is available if you approximate advance amount is less than Rs 10,000.

Service delivery

Whom do I call in case of a query or a problem?
Please reach out to our 24x7 call centre for any matter. They will assist you in every case.

What if the car is late or does not show up or has a breakdown?
We have strict mechanisms and quality checks to prevent this. In case it happens, please report to us and we shall make an alternate cab arrangement for you on a best effort basis.

Cancellation policy

How do I cancel my booking?
You can cancel your booking from the accounts page after logging in online or by calling the call centre.

What happens to the advance amount paid on cancellation of the trip?
There are 0% cancellation charges. For amount paid by cash, a cheque will be dispatched and for amount paid by card, amount will be automatically refunded

What is the eligibility to hire a self-drive car?

The minimum age required to rent a Myles-Nano is 18yrs. However, it is 23yrs for all other cars. Also, a valid driving license, voter ID/passport /Aadhar card & a credit card would be required.

What documents do you need as a proof?

You need to show the original Passport/Voters ID card, a valid Driving License & also a credit card with sufficient balance for standing instructions. A copy of each need to be submitted while picking up the car.

Is there an agreement/document I need to sign?

Yes, there is a short agreement one needs to sign while picking up the car.

How many people can be accommodated in your cars?

This varies with the car type. We suggest to look for the same while selecting the car type

What is the minimum time/days one can rent the car for?

You can hire it for a minimum of 2hrs.

Are there any taxes on the rental amount?

Yes, VAT will be charged as per the state laws.

Why do you charge a security amount?

As a part of our process, we only take standing instructions on the credit card i.e. an amount is blocked on your credit card.

How much time does it take to get the amount refunded?

We usually take 1-2 days to release the amount to your bank. We suggest you to check with your bank for an early release.

Can I pay cash for my booking?

No, as of now we only accept bookings through a credit/debit card/net banking.

What is the fuel type for your cars?

All our cars run on diesel except Tata Nano, Honda City Automatic & Hyundai i10 Automatic, which are Petrol and e2o which is electric.

What is the fuel efficiency of the cars?

This varies from car to car & is also dependent on the road/traffic conditions and driving style.

Can someone else book for me?

Yes, but the person whose name has been mentioned in the reservation form needs to come along with the required documents to pick up the car.

Can my friend/relative come to pick up the car?

No, only the person whose name has been mentioned in the reservation form needs to come along with the required documents to pick up the car.

Why do you give cars with a commercial number plate?

As per MVA, privately registered cars cannot be used for commercial purposes; Insurance does not cover for any eventuality in case a private car is used for commercial purposes.

Will the cops bother me for this?

No, we provide you with adequate legal documents to drive a self-drive registered car.

Why can’t the car be dropped from one location/city to the other?

As of now we do not practice this. We will announce in case of any developments here.

Why do I need to pay commercial state tax when I am driving it for a personal use?

As the current laws register self-drive cars under a commercial license, the commercial state taxes to enter a state are applicable

What is the Applicable state taxes as per seat capacity for a self-drive car.

A. Below are the state taxes for individual states as per the seating capacity:



For Seating Capacity - 4+1(Rs.)

For Seating Capacity - 6+1(Rs.)

Uttar Pradesh

120 + Entry Fee (Per Day)

180 + Entry Fee (Per Day)

Madhya Pradesh

200 + Entry Fee (Per Day)

300 + Entry Fee (Per Day)


120 + Entry Fee (Per Day)

180 + Entry Fee (Per Day)

Jammu & Kashmir

120 + Entry Fee (Closing Entry Must)

180 + Entry Fee (Closing Entry Must)

Himachal Pradesh

610 + Entry Fee (For three months)

610 + Entry Fee (For three months)


200 + Entry Fee (Per Day)

470 + Entry Fee (Per Day)


200 + Entry Fee (Per Day)

200 + Entry Fee (Per Day)

Andhra Pradesh

2650+200 (1 year)

2850+500 (1 year)


500 (1 Week)

600 (1 Week)


70+30 (1 Week)

350+150 (1 Week)

Tamil Nadu

75+25 (1 Week)

475+25 (1 Week)


Note - All Toll & MCD Taxes to be borne by the customer on actuals.

Why don’t you offer car with fuel in daily?

This is in line to offer daily rates/service with unlimited kilometers.

Why can’t you deliver the car?

As this is a chauffeur-less service, the cars needs to be picked/dropped from a particular location. You may choose a convenient location near you.

How many locations do you have in each city?

As of now we have 20 locations in Bangalore & 43 locations in Delhi NCR. We are creating more locations in all our cities of operations.

Are all your locations 24*7?


What is the top speed which I can drive to?

Customers are allowed to drive the car up to a maximum speed of 100 km/hr. (63 miles/hr.) or as governed by the state & road laws, whichever is lower, beyond this the car will be considered as over speeding. We recommend you to follow the speed limits accordingly.

What if I return the car late?

For daily rentals, post a grace period of 2 hrs, 30% over the per day rental will be charged. In case of hourly bookings, post a grace period of 30 minutes, Rs.500 over the per hour rental will be charged

What is your cancellation policy?

For Daily rentals
Before 24 hrs. of the pick-up time: no charge, full refund
Less than 24hrs to the pick-up time: 1 day rental will be charged
After pick up time: no refund

Before 24 hrs. of the pick-up time: no charge, full refund
Less than 24hrs to pick-up time: no refund, full charge
After pick up time: no refund, full charge

What if the car meets with an accident & gets damaged?

We suggest you to immediately contact us at 18002099192 & inform the local police aswell.

Damage cost up to INR 7,000/- is to be paid by the customer on actuals. In case of a damage over Rs.7000/- ,insurance claim will be filed and depreciation amount & parts which are not covered under insurance will be borne by the customer .The assessment of damage made by the Company will be final.

What if the car breaks down in the middle of the road when I am out of the city?

While all our cars are new, in case the car breaks down, you can call our 24*7 help desk 18002099192 & we will assist you further.

What if the car gets damaged by someone else/natural calamity?

The person in whose name the car is booked is completely liable for damages done by anyone else driving the car. The current insurance does not cover any damage by act of god.

What if the cars gets stolen?

A police complaint needs to be registered immediately & the same needs to be informed to us at 08882222222.

Why do you charge extra for a GPS?

GPS is not a standard equipment currently & thus is charged for.